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Experienced and Seasoned Developer

I am a systems engineer @ Pegasystems Inc. in the Global Customer Service department. I have worked for Pega for 24 years in many exciting and rewarding roles. I am very passionate and dedicated to my job and enjoy doing what I do. In my spare time, I enjoy building websites and manage multiple family Minecraft Servers teaching creativity, building and survival skills.

I'm an author, a poet, a cook and a local Pastor of the Universal Life Church.  I served my country in the late 1970's in the U.S. Marine Corps and been married to my wife of 15 years where we enjoy raising our 2 Shiloh Shepherds, 1 Anatolian Shepherd. 1 Papillion Dog and 4 cats.  Yeah, kind of a big animal lover too!

Over my lifetime, I have learned many different types of jobs/experiences and been fortunate enough to have several rewarding careers.  My passion is and has always been, in the Computer Industry where I've spent nearly two-thirds of my life in.  While I do have many experiences, I firmly believe that we are a student "of life", "for life", so taking on new challenges and learning something new every single day, is my middle name!



Engage in live conversations and interactions with my daily activities.

While social media by some is still controversial and too unsecured from hackers, we all still use these platforms every day.  It is how we all stay in contact with each other on a daily basis (if desired) and see parts of family, friends and colleagues that we would not otherwise know about if our locations were too distant to keep in touch face-to-face.  I have friends all over the world, so I rely on some social media content to keep in touch.  I just don't share every iota of my life on them. nor should you for security reasons. :-)

I can be reached on Facebook, Linked inTwitter or on YouTube.  We also have a Discord Channel where users can come and ask for support there as well for any of our servers.


These hills have eyes, can you see them?

I am not a big blogger like some names out there, but am passionate about several topics where I do provide periodic updates on; just not a day-to-day tally of any one subject.

Find Services Help - Often times families and individuals search for help in a variety of ways.  Whether it be for financial, emotional, physical or other types of support, I have access to may organizations offering all kinds of services, including Veterans.

 It's My Name - my wife and I have names longer than typically seen and causes problems with many organizations either spelling them wrong, not being able to fit them into a software program or just pronouncing them very badly.  We are no longer in the 1970's and are interconnected globally.  Our names are no longer a simple John or Jane Doe.  Some families and cultures have family names, marriage names, maiden names and multiple middle and/or last names with and without a hyphen.  Don't allow companies to change your name or you will be stuck with it forever, literally! All correspondence to you, will reflect their idea of what your name should be.  Need help, let me know as there are many options for  you to take.



Shiloh Shepherds

The ISSR Shiloh Shepherd is a majestic breed of dog, with superior intelligence, loyalty without end, and a heart like no other. Their ability and willingness to learn makes them an excellent companion, therapy dog, service dog, playmate for your child or couch potato for those of you so incline. They are patient with children, and the elderly and yet woe to the unwanted guest in the middle of the night. You can see kindness, happiness, impishness, an alert amusement, and their soul within their brown eyes.

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My Blog/Vlog

At some point, I will be updating this section once I have some free time to do so. :-)

Everyday use of shortcuts

Let's face it, everyone has their favorite websites they go to for searching, getting news, social media feeds and many others.  For me, there are some websites that I frequently use, that I leave my "links page" open daily so I can just click once.



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Survival Games, Parkour, PvP, Pokecube Revival & Space Expedition EPIC 204 and more...

All our servers are open to the pubic, but are secured with an access policy to be done in writing.  No one joins unless we have sufficient details that ensures the safety and security of ALL players of the games.  We do NOT allow griefing of any kind unless there are areas specifically designated for that PvP type role play.